The pleasant ambience of our restaurant overlooking the sea is the right place for a top gastronomic experience. Fresh fish, shrimps and squid baked on a charcoal or gas grill, various pasta, grilled (ćevapi, pljeskavice, ražnjići), pizza, salads.
Relax with a glass of good homemade or famous Croatian wine, sparkling wine, prosecco. And finally do not forget about dessert, fine pancakes stuffed to your liking.

We also serve breakfast:

  • Continental breakfast (bread, cheese, butter, jam, honey, yoghurt, coffee, juice)
  • MacAdams breakfast (bread, ham, cheese, butter, jam, honey, yoghurt, juice, coffee, cereals, milk, eggs)
  • Different omelets

Guests staying in apartments can choose a boarding (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or half-boarding (breakfast and lunch or dinner).

See you!